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 Elathan Kaine

Elathan Kaine. Born of a Vampire and a Dracovamp, his parents were two born warriors bred in absolute secrecy by the X-Knights, an elite cadre of secretive, advanced warriors and wizards. The Dracovamps were an experimental new race made solely for battle, crafted from the strongest of both the Draconian and the Vampiric races to be the perfect army of invincible, unstoppable monsters.

At first they were bred with no minds of their own, to avoid complications... Beasts made to follow orders need not think, only perform... but this created even more problems than it should have solved. Independant thought was crucial of any soldier, weapon or no, at one time or another. Eventually, the X-Knights allowed one Dracovamp to be made with the mind intact; King Lewis Warbird. Astonished at the resulting brilliant skills and strategic mind of the sentient Warbird (who would rise so far as to actually become the leader of the X-Knights in time), more like him were immediately made. Soon, all Dracovamps possessed minds of their own, the better to evolve into unstoppable forces of "artificial nature."

Giving the beasts minds of their own, though, turned up a strange side effect of their breeding. Though intented to be the perfect amalgams of the two parents, their sentient minds left them prone to system shock. This blow to the body, mind or spirit prompted an inexplicable change in the Dracovamp's mind and body, causing them to morph into a completely different form, a result of their generally unstable natures. Though dangerous, this morphing gave each Dracovamp the potential to become, incredibly, much more powerful than before.

However, as always, not all of the "soldiers" enjoyed living under the stifling, iron rule of their dreaded commanders. The relationship between the army and the beasts was no longer Commander-weapon; but now, Master-slave. Many tried to escape the army, but practically none succeded, more often than not they were simply executed by the X-Knights for the betrayal... and as a warning. But one did manage it with the help of a powerful captive female Vampire, who was being held as a type of Blood Mare to produce the next batch of Dracovamps. Together, they ran into the night. While on the run, the two fell and love and the Vampire sired a child, whom would come to be known as Elathan Kaine.

Not long afterwards, the pair knew that the X-Knights were still hot on their trail, and decided to protect their newborn child by any means neccesary. They ended up summoning an Archdaemon lord of one of the IX Circles of Hell, who was interested in getting his hands on the genetically efficient killing machines. Lord Nestune Demetrick of the Inferno Malebolge agreed to take Elathan into his VIIIth Circle until such a time when it would be safe to return to his native realm, and then allow the Dracovamp to return to Pocologan as a sort of connection between Nestune and that realm, to keep the Archdaemon up-to-date and to be used as a sort of trump card... As the X-Knights would often say, one was to Beware the Fury of the Dracovamp.

So it was done. Elathan became a kind of son to the immortal Demetrick and grew up in the Inferno, returning to the mortal realm of Pocologan confident that he had been forgotten by his pursuers (and trusting his training in the Inferno to take care of things if he was set upon, in any case). Because Nestune had by this time been denied access to the lands of the living by the unleashed latent power of his brother Joseph Demetrick, Elathan was, if not his only, his most reliable link to the mortal realm. They kept in contact via an enchanted amulet, which allowed Nestune to establish a telepathic link with Elathan despite not being able to contact him in any other way. They rarely did this, but Nestune was kept up-to-date enough that he was content.

Though Elathan thought he was a type of spy for his lord, the secret truth was this; Nestune planned to one day use him to murder Joseph Demetrick, thus freeing him from his brother's barriers, as well as the rest of the Inferno. But after spending the last few decades surrounded by demons and the spirits of the damned, Elathan was reluctant to quickly allow Nestune a feasible role in his life once more before Kaine could re-establish his place in his own plane.

It was during this time that he encountered a woman named Raine. A seemingly human woman that seemed to know a bit too much about Elathan and the Inferno, and most notably Nestune himself, she revealed herself as a Dracovamp ex-Disciple of the Inferno. An anomaly among the Dracovamp race, she surprised Elathan at every turn with her skills, abilities and powers, finally making him decide between Nestune and herself.

At first unwilling to choose a woman he had just met over his uncle Nestune, who had been his lord and master for a half century, Elathan finally saw truth in her words. Rejecting the Inferno, he now remains on his own plane, trying to discover what it's like to live even as Nestune plots his death.

And somewhere... on the other side of the horizen... the marching boots of the X-Knight Dracovamp Hunters echo through the forest....