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Carpe Luna - novel
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Who is he? Rarely the konatsu known as Seroni Saka is spotted, traveling alone on foot across grassy plains and through numerous villages with his large white Nameksei-jin cape flowing behind him and a unique Dai Katana on his back. His piercing emerald eyes have halted the advance of many an enemy. His long, blood red hair has drawn the attention of many a village woman. And from the distinct aura of danger about him, it is readily apparent that the monstrous blade on his back is not for show. Few have heard him speak. Even fewer have seen him fight. But those who have do not forget the experience. This is the tale of Seroni Saka.

Thirty four years ago, there lived a warrior. This warrior was hailed as the mightiest, fastest, most skilled of his time, and was sought after by many wealthy people to "take care" of any problems that they may have had. He lived by the principals of Bushido, always showing honour and respect for his opponents, even when he killed them. Eventually, this warrior grew tired of killing people who were far below his level. He retired, and had a son with his wife, wishing to live the remainder of his days as a peaceful man. He wished to leave the violence and bloodshed of his past behind.

     That man's name was Satoru Saka. His employers, among the most influential people in the world, were appalled by his sudden decision to exit the business of destroying their enemies. The begged the legend to reconsider, offering him more money than he had ever laid his eyes on.                                                                                 

     But Satoru would not return to his former blood-soaked ways. This forced his many "business partners" to fear that he was actually working for their enemies, trying to throw them off my claiming to have quit.

     Immediately, the order went out. Satoru Saka was to be killed.                         

     The problem was, he could not be killed. Every warrior, every group of warriors, every small army sent against him was never heard from again. Driven to the brink of sanity, one of Satoru's enemies went as far as selling his soul in order to be rid of him.           

     It worked. From the pits of the 8th circle of Hell called the Inferno there rose a powerful demon named Nestune. Nestune personally hunted Satoru down, as well as his wife Momoko and his infant son Seroni. In a furious battle which lasted hours, Satoru was finally defeated by the Lord of Inferno. During the fight, Nestune had killed Momoko in order to break the mighty swordsman's spirit.



Seroni was found, crying by the side of the corpses of his dead parents, by a man named Cid Kobori. Cid took pity on the child, and honoured Seroni's parents by giving them a burial in side-by-side graves in the cemetery of Salas, where Kobori lived and worked as a renowned weapon smith. He raised Seroni as though he were his own son, but never presumed to take the place of the boy's father, whom Cid had known personally as a friend.

     Cid had one biological child as well, a girl named Lila who was nearly the same age as Seroni. The weapon smith had still been mourning the death of Lila's mother when he had come upon the bodies of his close friends, Seroni's parents. Rather than be thrown into depression over these sad events however, Cid came to terms with them and focused his efforts on raising his daughter and Seroni as best he could.

     Fascinated by the stories of his legendary father, Seroni aspired to be like Satoru in every way possible. He began practicing swordplay with a custom-made 6ft Dai Katana given to him by Cid, which he had made with care himself, and studying the code of honour called Bushido as his father had done.

     As the years wore on, Seroni found himself caring more and more for Lila, feelings which he was sure that he should not have. He loved and respected Cid like a father, and would not allow himself to become involved with his only child, lest he somehow make a mistake.

     As was inevitable considering the beauty and brains of Lila, she began bringing a boy home with her when she was 18. Seroni was instinctively suspicious of the guy, but kept quiet. As time wore on, Lila and the boy began spending more and more time together, and soon it was clear that they had a romantic relationship in the works.

     Seroni grew to not only dislike Lila's new boyfriend, but hate him as well. He hated the way the boyfriend had forced Lila to censor her own language, as well as her actions. He hated the way he forced her to do things which she didn't like or believe in, such as attend a church that she did not belong to. But, since Lila was clearly in love, he decided to still stay silent.

     Then came the day which Seroni had always foreseen, the day when Lila's boyfriend pushed her too far. After a messy breakup, she confined herself in her room for days, as Seroni and Cid did their best to comfort her. Furious at the ex-boyfriend, Seroni was stopped several times from leaving to find him by Cid, who said that Lila needed him at the moment.

     But Seroni didn't have to leave at all. The ex arrived at Cid's house, with a group of friends, demanding to speak to Lila. Unsure of what to do, Cid was at a loss.

     Seroni, however, knew exactly what he wanted to do.

     Grabbing his Kobori katana, he went outside to face the controlling, manipulating man standing at the door. What ensued could be heard all through the town, a furious exchange of words that sent children hiding and adults worrying. During the argument, the ex revealed that he had known about Seroni's feelings for Lila the whole time, and talked down to him about 'not being good enough for her.'

     Overwhelmed with his raw anger, Seroni blacked out. When he again became aware of his surroundings, the ex was lying at his feet, bleeding profusely, and the katana was crimson with blood.

     Lila rushed from the house, drawn by the cry of her former boyfriend, and burst into tears as she cradled the ex's head in her arms. She looked up at Seroni, and said the words that would never leave his mind. "I love him!"

     Shaken and broken by both what he had done and Lila's words, Seroni left Salas, stopping at the cemetery to bid farewell to his parents and to retrieve his father's sword. He now wanders the world, dreaming every day of returning to Salas, yet knowing that if he does, he will more than likely be shunned and hated by the very girl for which he wants to return for. No, he thinks. He is alone. He will always be alone, for he can not bear the thought of replacing Lila in any way.

     Such is the life of Seroni Saka.

     Since that time, so long in the past, Seroni has come to Earth. Caught in the unshakable power of the mad Elder God Cian, he was transported to our planet via mystical teleportation. Completely lost, not knowing where he was or why, the konatsu's basic knowledge of the galaxies told him that the beings from every planet were now all on Earth, thanks to the power of the insane god.

     Instantly worried about Cid and Lila Kobori, Seroni set out to find them, facing many hostile beings from alien worlds in the process. Confused and angered by the seemingly senseless penchant for violence among the other races, the young konatsu soon learned to use his natural abilities of stealth to avoid the irrational people.

     Eventually, he came to meet the Kami, or guardian, of Earth, Faeruhn. Sensing that he was pure of heart and just in purpose, the ancient Nameksei-jin granted Seroni's greatest desire, telling him the location and the condition of Cid and Lila.

     Seroni did find the two, huddled half-starved in an abandoned cabin deep in the woods. The reunion was emotional far beyond any's expectations, but was all too short.

     Less than a week later, Seroni was out gathering water from a nearby brook when the world around him seemed to... shift. Fearing the worst, he rushed to the cabin, only to find an empty clearing with no signs of life anywhere.

     Unknowingly, he had been thrust back into time by a Universe-rocking event millions of miles away, the final battle to save the Universe from Cian and his allies. Seroni was left stranded on earth, alone, surrounded by people who would fight and kill him for no reason other than to become stronger at his destruction.

     Unwilling to allow the evils of his new home(for he had no way back to his actual home) to warp him or claim him, Seroni retreated into the wilderness. Inevitably, though, he was found, challenged, and consequentially impaled through the chest by an Icer rogue. The Icer, curiously, took him to the nearby West City to lie in a hotel bed to heal.

     The workers of the hotel, though, planned differently. Planning to kill Seroni in his bed and steal his items, gold and weapons, they were thwarted by one of their own, a poor maid named Katsume.

     Seroni awoke in Katsume's care, in the west City Slums, shortly afterwards. Far too wounded to leave, or even stand, he was nursed back to health by the pretty young Katsume, who was intrigued by the attitude and heritage of the alien warrior. She had never seen a fighter who help his kind of honour so close to his heart, who refused to fight for the mere sake of fighting.

     Soon, the time came to leave. Seroni was able to move under his own power, and snuck past Katsume whilst she tended her meager garden so as not to be bid to stay. Being with her had unearthed painful memories of Lila, and reminded him that no other would even take the konatsu girl's place. Lila Kobori would be the only one for him.

     As he left the city limits, Seroni was set upon by the Icer once more, who demanded a rematch. Knowing that it was pointless to try and persuade the cold warrior otherwise, Seroni grudgingly agreed, on the condition that the surrounding area be left undamaged.

     Barely five minutes into the fight, the konatsu was thrown through a building.

     Furious at the Icer's disregard for his friend Katsume's safety, Seroni carried the battle farther away from the city and fought with honour and righteous rag, pummeling the Icer with his bare fists. But the Icer, stronger and more experienced in hand-to-hand combat, managed to barely defeat him just before Seroni's final blow could be struck.

     After the battle, Seroni headed west of the city, remaining invisible and keeping his power suppressed so as to not draw attention. Eventually, though, he did meet someone; a prospective client who wanted to use his skills as a mercenary.

     Broke after secretly leaving all of his gold on Katsume's bed, Seroni was forced to accept. However, as the ship approached the planet of Subzero Prime, it was destroyed by the saiya-jin Burori. Far enough away to avoid the initial blast and most of the debris, the ship returned Seroni to earth and streaked into the sky.

     It was only then that he realized that he could have asked to ship for a ride back to Konat.

     Keeping on his direct eastern journey through the great plains of the world, he eventually came to an old, rundown structure in the absolute middle of nowhere. Upon closer examination, it became apparent that the building was actually a Temple, used by the masters of Bushido in days far past, abandoned in some unknown tragedy.

     Seeing, finally, a direction for his vagabond life, Seroni took it upon himself to restore the temple. After weeks of hard labour, the outside of the Temple was restored to its former glory.

     Taking residence within the structure of hope, the konatsu found in it ancient scrolls of age-old secrets of the masters of bushido. Studying these scrolls religiously every evening, he began learning the ways of the Code of Bushido and the styles of Kenjutsu, of the sword.

     The time then came once again to meet with the ancient Kami Faeruhn.

     His memories a distant blur of his time in earth in the future, Seroni did not recall his previous meeting with the Nameksei-jin. The meeting resulted in the konatsu not only receiving the Black Bladed Nodachi, but also having his beloved Kobori Katana imbued with the spirit of Faeruhn. Elated by the notion of seemingly being given the blessing of the Kami, the konatsu passed his 'test' (The complete dismemberment of the Super Saiya-jin raid), and returned to the temple.

     On the way, however, he noticed a grim sight. West City lay destroyed below him, a mound of rubble. Fearing for his friend Katsume's safety, he rushed to where her home in the slums had been, only to find a grisly reminder of the violence of earthlings. Taking Katsume's silver ring to wear around his neck as a memory and reminder, he mourned her death silently and alone, as he had lived his entire life since losing Lila.

      The konatsu continued to train and study in the Temple of Bushido,  grudgingly resigned to his fate as an Earthling, but still not yet willing to become as they were; violent, unreasoning, and power mad. He held the code of honour above all else.

     He would not become what they wanted him to be.

     Eventually, Seroni had learned all that he could from the old scrolls of the temple. Having learned, developed and adopted several ancient techniques and disciplines regarding the way of Bushido and the art of Kenjutsu, Seroni realized that he had done all that he could do. It was time to do what every good samurai must do.

     Seroni Saka had to find himself a Daimyo.

     Only one being came to mind. The perfect choice, in his opinion. Kami had, after all, helped him immeasurably during his stay on Earth. In fact, he had been one of the only sane beings that Seroni could find on the entire planet, one whom treated him with respect, an almost parental figure.

     Gathering what he needed, Seroni made his way to the Kami Tower. The directions were hazy in his mind after so long, but he found the ivory pole stretching to the clouds. Upon his arrival, Seroni was shocked to find that the Kami had been replaced by a Saiya-jin after fusing with his other half, a Nameksei-jin called Darkis, to fight against the evil on Earth.

     Adamant in his decision nonetheless, Seroni offered his services to the Saiya-jin Kami. If he had been chosen by Faeruhn, then Seroni was sure that Aeilos (the present Kami) would be a worthy daimyo. Still, he deeply wished that Faeruhn was still atop the Kami tower...

     After a battle atop the Lookout which left Seroni beaten and his nodachi -- given to him by the former Kami -- reclaimed by its former master, Aeilos granted the konatsu permission to return to his father's shrine in Salas to claim his father's blade, the legendary Satoru Saka's Bloodmetal Nodachi. Given transport by Faeruhn to his home planet, he learned that he had earned the great Nameksei-jin warrior's respect and friendship, something which almost replaced Seroni's longing to serve the ancient. But now that he had sworn to serve the Kami, he could never take it back. Unless Faeruhn were to take the throne back. Journeying across the planet which he missed so dearly, Seroni made a beeline for Salas, where the nodachi could be recovered. Though he did not pass up the occasional opportunity to stop and take account of the wonderful sights and sounds which he was so familiar with, yet hadn't seen for so long, the young samurai knew that to get his business done with and return to Earth was in everybody's best interests. During this time, the Kai of Death Caliga appeared to him (the one who had wounded him so gravely on the battle atop the Lookout before he left) and offered Seroni a challenge. "Defeat an enemy of my choosing, and I will tell you what became of your father after he died."

     The pull was too great to resist. Desperately Seroni plunged himself into battle with a strange being called "Shadow" by Caliga, an opponent that was so much like Seroni in his fighting techniques that the konatsu began to wonder if it was his own face beneath the cracked black mask. Defeating Shadow yet refusing to kill him, he tore the mask from his fallen enemy to see his father's face, bloodied and battered, but still the visage of Satoru Saka.

     Satisfied with the entertainment, Caliga sent Satoru's spirit back to its own realm and revealed to Seroni that though Satoru was scheduled to be sent to Hell for his sins in life, his decision to start anew and give up the life of the killer had been taken as an adequate repenting.

    As he crossed the famous Plains of Salas, the last barricade between him and his hometown, the konatsu had to fight off the urge to see Lila and Cid every step of the way. A reunion would be disastrous and heartbreaking at worst, and far too brief and nearly as heartbreaking at the best. For if Lila was to reject him for mortally wounding a man who she feared but loved, Seroni would never be able to live with himself. And if she DID forgive him, he would have to fight off the urge to stay on Konat and break his oath to the Kami. Both were unacceptable for a samurai.

     As he was just about to enter his father's shrine, he felt the world warp and twist around him as he was transported to an unrevealed battleground. Confused and disoriented, Seroni looked up to see a raging Saiya-jin whom he did not know torching a forest, being battled by several fighters. One of them was a female konatsu striking similar to Lila. Looking up to see Caliga floating above his head, the Samurai of Kami was told to defeat the Saiya-jin which the others were hopelessly outmatched in trying to fight. If he fulfilled his duty, he would be sent right beside his prize by the Kai.

     Knowing Caliga to be a man of his word, Seroni attacked the Saiya-jin, whose name was Kaldrath. Engulfed in a searing, irrational hate, Kaldrath fought mightily, swatting anyone who dared attack aside easily.

     Realizing the futility of attacking separately, the others decided that all of their ki energy should be transmitted to one warrior among them. Being the strongest and the only one with the ki ability required, Seroni was chosen to be their champion.

     Imbued with a strength to match Kaldrath's thanks to the sacrifices of the others, the konatsu and the saiya-jin battles fiercely with many near-hits and dodges. Their speed and skill allowed them to anticipate and dodge each other's actions as though the other were moving in slow motion, and neither could get the upper hand.

     Finally, Kaldrath connected with a kick to the chin which sent Seroni backwards and out of reach, an opportunity that Seroni used to unleash his Zankiken Slash. Dodging the attack and preparing one of his own, Kaldrath raved nonstop about his loathing for all living things as he fired a mighty blast of ki.

     His Yadomejutsu slash failed him due to a slight miscalculation, and Seroni found himself hit by the full brunt of the attack, as Kaldrath was swept into the shockwave emitted by the piercing of the blast on Seroni's Kobori Katana.

     That was when Faeruhn appeared. Taking the extremely badly wounded konatsu, healing his body and refilling his ki reserve, the Nameksei-jin disappeared once more to watch the fight with Caliga. Hearing a remark made to Faeruhn by Caliga addressed as 'Kami,' Seroni realized that Faeruhn had taken back the throne while he had been away.

     Overflowing with new strength, he defeated the drained Kaldrath and was returned to Konat, right beside his father's marble shrine. Just as promised.

     Seroni took the Saka Bloodmetal Nodachi as his birthright, calling to Faeruhn to transport him home. Sensing his hesitation in leaving, the Kami offered him the choice to stay on Konat until he was needed, but the samurai refused. It was better that way, he tried to convince himself.

     Taken back to the Lookout on Earth, the konatsu was told that he had the choice to stay on the tower or at his temple, or both alternatively since his skill in Bukujustsu was adequate to travel back and forth as he pleased. Deciding to stay on the tower but to make frequent visits to his beloved Temple of Bushido, Seroni was then shown where Faeruhn would allow him to train from then on; the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, also known as the Room of Spirit and Time.

     It was an honour not even granted to the Kais, one that he did not take lightly. As the Sword of Kami, Seroni knows that his role is great. One day, the time will come for him to be called upon, and on that day his purpose in life will come to its fruition. Until then he shall go on, giving the great Kami someone to confide to, someone to trust, someone to look to in times of need. He will serve, for that is the role of a samurai. And it is a role which he wil embrace until Yema comes to judge him.

     Several weeks after being given the privilege to train within the Chamber, Seroni was on his way from the Tower to his Temple on Earth, when he heard the cries of a young child emitting from the forest below. Upon investigation, he found a boy huddled in the woods, with a powerful essence of ki emanating from his small form, seemingly going berserk. Watching the spectacle of the boy being approached by a mysterious Nameksei-jin, Seroni was about to leave when he felt a familiar presence approaching... VERY familiar.

     Out of the foliage lunged Darkis, the dark half of Seroni's own master Faeruhn, flaming with emerald ki and roaring insanely. The huge Nameksei-jin immediately recognized Seroni, heading straight for the konatsu with death in his eyes, ready to tear the samurai apart.

     The battle erupted in sync with one between the boy, a half-demon named Cale, and the other Namek, Sion. Trampled by the sheer speed of Darkis, unable to land a hit, Seroni found himself the victim of a furious Fierce Ranma assault from the Daimao Namek, followed by yet another assault from Cale, who had chased off Sion during their battle. Outclassed and overwhelmed, the konatsu was left bleeding, broken and bloodied at the feet of the new "friends;" Darkis and Cale seemed to think alike.

     Awakening the next day, alone and slicked with the morning dew, Seroni limped his way to his temple to do his best and heal himself. There he remained for several days, using his limited (but growing) knowledge in Reiki healing to mend his wounds. He was reminded - painfully - that now everyone is worth the effort to help. He had gone to the forest with the intent to save a child, only to have the child attack him... as well as his Daimyo's 'child.'

     The next decade passed with little incident, as Seroni carried out the Kami's will and protected his Daimyo's servants - the entire human population of Earth. Along his travels, he discovered that his dear departed friend Katsume had left behind more on this earth than just the ring which the konatsu wore around his neck; she had left a daughter. Luna had been given to her Grandmother upon birth, for Katsume feared for her daughter's life among the slums of West City. It was in a small, Eastern village that Luna grew up, and it was entirely by coincidence that Seroni found her, and learned who she really was.

     From that day forth Seroni became the sole means of support for Luna and her Grandmother, after the unfortunate death of Luna's Grandfather. He visited her often - as often as possible considering his station in life - and began to think of the girl as family soon enough. Her every action and word seemed to bring Katsume back to life.

     Eight years after becoming the Sword of Kami, and eight years after his last run-in with Darkis, Seroni heard word that there was a behemoth, green-skinned, pointy eared, 8ft fanged beast causing havoc in South City. Instantly fearing that Darkis was on the rampage, Seroni made his way to the city swiftly, only to find a strange Makyo-jin creature named Zukah, tearing up the city's taverns and bars. Apparently, the Makyo owned his own tavern, and the city's competition was stealing any customers which it may attract. Seroni convinced Zukah to cease his rampage, for the price of helping the green giant to advertise the Grinning Makyo bar. The konatsu and the Makyo spent the night together, going to bars and attracting customers with Seroni's looks and Zukah's threats of physical violence. Surprisingly, Seroni quite enjoyed the huge barkeeper's company, and they became friends before the night was through, even helping each other out of several jams that arose during their 'advertisement tour,' and enjoyed some drink together before parting on pleasant terms.

     Two years later, Seroni marked the passing of his first (hopefully of many) decade of serving the Kami. But there was something weighing on his mind.

     For some reason, the konatsu felt a strange foreboding feeling... as though there were something in the air. Unable to either explain nor ignore it, he pondered the validity of these premonitions for weeks before finally finding that his suspicions had not been misplaced...

     During a visit an old friend (Zukah), Seroni was himself visited by his Daimyo, Faeruhn. The ancient Nameksei-jin delivered to him a Senzu Bean before leaving, making a gift of a bag of gold to Zukah to improve the living conditions of the Grinning Makyo Bar. Before his departure, Seroni felt that his friend had lost something since their last encounter, and offered the Makyo-jin a place to relax, away from South City, in the small village of Chojiro. There, Seroni had relocated his beloved Temple of Bushido so that it may be closer to Luna.

     The Makyo accepted the offer, having grown quite dissillusioned with his current condition, and left the tavern in the safeguarding of his friend Pigdemon, a small pig-resembling android. Once he had shown Zukah to the Temple, Seroni left once again on his way back to the Kami Tower. He left Zukah with the task of helping out his friends in Chojiro, in exchange for free food, shelter, and serenity.

     Along the way to the Lookout, Seroni paused to investigate a strange area in the air below, visable to his konatsu infravision as an area of extreme, unnatural cold, as well as a group of tight concentrations of ki energy. Upon landing there, Seroni realized that he knew three of the distinct energ signatures.. One belonged to his Daimyo, the other to Caliga the God of Death, and the third to another familiar face... Familiar, but not placeable. Not right away.

     It didn't take long. Quickly enough, he realized that the third was Cale, the youth who had beaten him all those years ago at Darkis' side. The fourth, unknown signature belonged to a masked figure referred to the others as Akalith. And apparently, as evidenced by the conversation when he arrived, Seroni found that his premonitions of late had not been as unfounded as he had hoped.

     Trouble was coming, in the form of a Saiya-jin army led by Koeinoto Daimao, a name known and feared by the immortals assembled. And with him, a very special commander. Kaldrath.

     The group moved on the the Kami Tower, where discussion began on a team of warriors to be trained in order to combat this incoming threat. Most of the names listed Seroni did not know, but two he did; Zukah and Darkis. He would come to know the others soon enough.

     In return for their services, Caliga offered each of them a request which he would fulfil. But unlike the others, the konatsu Sword of Kami had none. To fight for Kami would be drive and reward enough...but Caliga knew something.

     "Would you like to see her again?" Her, of course, being Lila Kobori. After years of trying to forget her name, her face, her voice... the mere mention of her name made Seroni's eyes burn and fists clench. Why did Caliga have to mention her? WHY?! He quickly refused the offer, lying out his teeth when he first pretended not to understand, and then stated that he did not wish to see Lila.

     "Our reunion is years from now...perhaps a lifetime," he answered. "Seeing her will not make me a better warrior... in fact, it will most likely destroy my concentration and skill beyond repair." He did want to see her, yes... But he had killed her ex, all those years ago. To meet her again would be bliss, but only if she would forgive him that... Which was a slim possibility. He had been abusive, suffocating, a bastard, even to her eyes... but she had still loved her ex. Her bitterness, her hatred, hell, even her silence, if even they were to meet again... It would destroy him. As sure as any blade, as completely as any blast, Seroni Saka would be no more.

     And what if he actually found the happiness he had waited so long for by her side? Even then, would he fight at all, knowing that he may never return to her? Would he go as far as to ignore everything he'd ever stood for in his life, abandoning Faeruhn as well as the Earth, forgetting it all, just to be with Lila? If there was anyone in the entire universe who could convince him to do such things... it was her. And so, he refused, a little bit of him dying at his own rebuttal. His heart fought his soul with undying resentment, but his mind prevailed. He could NOT see her. Especially not now.

     Several days later, the Saiya-jins arrived on Earth, destroying South City to be used as a landing area. Kaldrath was with them.

He went to the Kami Tower, where the group of would-be saviours were waiting, and after a brief conversation with Caliga, the Saiya-jin commander was gone once more. They had one week. One week, and Koeinoto would arrive.

They were paired up into training teams, the Kais taking apparent pleasure in the most unlikely couplings; the cyborg Mike was paired with the human police officer Sean, the hulking Makyo-jin Zukah was put with the tsufuru-jin he detested, Akalith. And Seroni, he found himself with Darkis, the Nameksei-jin who had beaten the stuffing out of him on so many occasions, it was pointless to count. As the servant of Darkis' hated "good side," Seroni embodied everything that Darkis hated about himself and the world, and Faeruhn in particular.

The training was interesting, to say the least. Again, Seroni's daimyo permitted him to enter the Room of Spirit and Time, the time that was against them suddenly not so large of a barrier. After emerging, the Katsujinken Kami and the Daimao were sent directly to hell, where they became seperated in the chaotic, unnegotiable landscape.

The konatsu found himself in a cave, which he navigated to the mouth... only to be met with a hoarde of screeching furies and daemons, all howling for the tender delacacie of the flesh of the living. He thought he heard a voice ring out to stop their advance, and hoped for a moment that one of the Kais had found him... but the daemons merely kept surging.

Reverting into survival mode, the samurai drew the Saka Nodachi and the Katsujinken Kobori, steel flashing and bloodmetal glowing as he tore and cleaved and slashed, laying to waste any hellspawned terror to come within six feet of him, but he saw their numbers. He knew he was but one man.

Coated in blood and viscera, Seroni suddenly found the ashen-and-flame landscape around him exploding with the shells of gunfire, and looked to the sky to see the once-man, part-machine Michael raining death and destruction upoin the demons rending him. With the aid of the earthling, Seroni was able to survive the encounter.

After the last daemon had melted back into the flames and darkness, Michael and Seroni began to search for their objective; Caliga's Tower. They stumbled upon Zukah along the way, the massive Makyo-jin all but insane from his brief stint of wandering hell's plains. He attacked them at first, not discerning who they were, but upon his realization he joined them. This was not his first trip to the Netherworld, and the Drunken Makyo-jin hated its every fleck of brimstone like nothing else.

They arrived at Caliga's Tower and were transported to Caliga's Garden, where they would be able to rest and then resume the trials of preparation. Seroni immediately made use of the showering facilities offered to him, washing his clothing and his body, barely having enough time to do so before he was called upon. He was introduced to his sparring partner for the evening; a young girl who reminded him of Lila... not be chance, he was sure. She wielded two ninja-to, and struck at him with all the skill of his most fierce opponents, taunting him with her beauty and teasing him with suggestive looks and poses. She wounded him twice before he finally fell her, overcome with guilt at striking a woman despite her hellish roots. He'd passed the test.

Later on, he met with Darkis in the main area set aside as a kitchen of sorts, and they prepared food. Seroni took the rare moment of quiet time to actually talk with the Nameksei-jin, and learned a great deal about his companion. Finally, he felt as though he understood.

Still later, after noticing several strange things about Caliga's garden - such as the fact that the ki in the air was thick and rich, his old scars were beginning to fade, and the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes had melted away - Seroni began having visions. They were of Konat, of Salas, but mostly about Lila. He saw what would happen if he returned home, and he saw that it was not at all what he had expected. She had forgiven him. Asking Caliga later about the visions, after hearing that Zukah had experienced simular phenomena, the konatsa-jin was told that they were not dreams. The visions told of the future, and were meant to spur him onwards. Lila really had forgiven him.

Since their arrival at the garden, Michael had been experiencing difficulties. It seemed that he was changing. His hair was growing, though he had no hair follicles. His technology was being corrupted and harmed, because his flesh was beginning to grow around it. Michael was becoming a living, breathing human once more, thanks to the healing and age-reveral properties of the strange place. The resulting misfunctions drove him insane, and the only others in the garden to take his anger out on were the other fighters for earth. He attacked.

They returned to Earth in time to meet the forces of Koeinoto Daimao full-force. It was revealed that Kaldrath and Caliga had in fact been one being at a time, and the two sides clashed, with earth coming out the winner. During the savage assault for the future of their planet, Seroni's beloved Katsujinken Kobori, crafted by Cid Kobori himself, broke in half.

He was shattered. The sword meant more to him than anything, more than his father's legacy, more than his service to his daimai, more than Lila's memory even. The sword was all that had remained. Knowing this, Faeruhn sent the konatsu back to Konat, to Salas, to have the sword repaired. It was an order from his mater; repair your blade and remain at your true home until I call upon you again.

So return home he did, and just as the visions had shown him, Lila forgave him. She had been waiting for him ever since that day, so many years ago that it wrenched their hearts to dwell on it. She had realized that she love dhim, and had discovered that he had loved her. Cid was still alive, though elderly even by konatsu standards, but he heartilly agreed to mend the sword that his near-son had carried with him ever since that day, long ago.

Seroni stayed there in Salas, with the only family he had ever known, the family he had spent nearly twenty years away from, when Faeruhn called upon him. Obediantly the Renshi of Kenjutsu went, only to be placed before a pantheon of Kais, most noteably the Supreme Kai, Overlord of the Universe. His deeds were laid out before him, his enlightenment and his hardships, his loyalty and his skill, and he was offered something he had never dreamt of; Seroni Saka was offered to join them, as the new North Kai of the Universe. It seemed an obvious decision to all save him, and his mind reeled. He was reluctant at first, but it dawned on him that this was right. The North Kai outranked the Kami, and yet Seroni was still the Samurai of Faeruhn; not even death would ever change that. Now, the mystic konatsu would serve not only Faeruhn, as he had sworn, nor the Earth, which he had promised. Now, he would do what he could to serve everyone else as well.

He was offered his own small - very small - planet to live on, but he found it a bit cramped, especially if he were to take Lila with him... which he was going to. And so he chose a new planet, slightly larger, naming it New Salas and building on it a verandah to live on with the love of his life.

There he remains.