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Openly Known Dracovamps

Elathan Kaine is not the only Dracovamp. Here are some of the others that are known, living their own lives away from the clutches of the ones who engineered their race, the X-Knight forces.

 James Alex Brighthand  - Grandson of King Lewis Warbird (The first Dracovamp to be made with the mind intact and the one time leader of the X-Knights), and son of Luke Warbird (King Lewis' son, who went mad when his father handed the X-Knights over to Tandorff Brighthand instead of himself, which led to his attempted assassination of the wizard and, as a result, his own death at the hands of Tandorff's brother Charles Brighthand. Charles was Luke's best friend). Massive and cunning, wielding his father's enormous claymore sword with a temper that would cower Satan, James is often considered to be the most powerful living Dracovamp, and has sired two twin children whom have grown into adulthood.
 Alex Brighthand   - Son of James Brighhand, Alex is comparible to his father in terms of temper and skill. Though of low intelligence, he is skilled in the ways of the Druid and the Warrior, and exceedingly difficult to beat. Alex has seemingly vanished after the defeat of his father by Tandorff.
 Sage Brighthand  - Daughter of James Brighthand, she is a powerful mage once in the apprenticeship of none other than Tandorff Brighthand. Though a mage, she excels in melee combat due to her sheer size, speed and natural weapons as a Dracovamp. As a gift from her mentor, she was protected by the animated corpse of Luke Warbird himself, though she has since lost the bodyguard as a result of deserting Tandorff.
 Thanatos Drachenstein  - The collossal Northern Dracovamp who prowls the icy tundra, he is well-known by the Barbarian tribes of the area as a force to be kept happy. Wielding his huge axes with deadly precision as well as abilities like acid breath and a tail which can freeze on impact, Thanatos protects the tribes from outside threats in exchange for food, ale, and female sacrifices. He was once a close friend of Lamont Kaine, Elathan's father, and owes his freedom to the actions of his long dead friend.
 Erebus Anbraxus  - Living at literally the top of the world, among the polar icecaps and harbouring no less than two dragon's hoardes of treasure, Erebus is more beast than being. One of the largest Dracovamps known to exist, he stands over twenty feet tall and rules the barren land which he calls his home with selfish paranoia. Unable to speak, and unable to understand any language except for the simple, grunting language of the local Barbarians, he is perplexed by words and music, keeping piles of books in his hoard for no reason other than to stare bewildered at the intricacies of the words. His life is ruled by the fear that someone will steal from him his glittering treasure and books of wonderous language.
 Rain - A mysterious Dracovamp whom Elathan met while  on his return visit to the mortal realm, the woman known only as Rain can change her form at will and is much more than any other of the race. Seen as a mistake upon her creation, Rain's incredible abilities allowed her easy escape from  the clutches of the X-Knights. However, in the process she aquired the attention of one most interested in her power and abilities; Lord Nestune Demetrick. Badly wanting her among his Disciples of the Inferno, he approached her and killed her parents before her eyes to demonstrate his power. Fearful, she did join him, though eventually discovered herself to be much more powerful than she had thought in comparison the Nestune. She forsook him, returning to her own realm and taking it upon herself to guard the gate between the Inferno and the Mortal Realm. It was here that she met Elathan, then a disciple of Nestune, who had been chosen by the demon Lord in the hopes that he would be as useful as Rain had been because of his race. But Rain convinced Elathan of his master's dark nature,  and eventually caused him to switch sides, abandoning Nestune in the Inferno.

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