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Openly Known Dracovamps




The door swings open, allowing entry to a lean, dark figure who appears to be a young man of about twentysomething, standing 5'6" and looking to weigh somewhere in the area of 170lbs. He moves with the grace of a cat, thick-soled black combat boots treading along the floor with not a sound, making the only noise made by his passing is the whisper of the long black leather duster coat he wears. The open, unfastened coat flows behind his form fluidly with each precise step into the room, appearing under the lights as though it is made of an inky liquid.

The young man's skin is a deep, dark shade of indigo; his shoulder length glossy black hair seems to flow in the same fashion as his coat. Pointed ears can be seen through the inky hair as he moves, as can the pearly fangs within his mouth as he parts his lips to run his black tongue along them. Strange, entrancing eyes of crimson and lavender roll from right to left, taking in the sights as his chest expands to take in the scents of the room and it's inhabitants.

The black fingerless gloves on the young creature's hands house clawed fingers which wiggle slightly at his sides as he chuckles lightly, softly. By now, you have noticed the intricate midnight blue tattoos etched into the young man's upper torso, visible through his open coat and his lack of underlying shirt. Though they are sure to hold some meaning, that meaning is lost to you. The patterns are enticing, howerver.. how strange.. not so much for their mysterious meaning, but they are in themselves wonderous lines of art.








A whispering footfall announces the arrival of a very tall male Dragonlike creature, whose dark form stands at 8'6" and looks like he weighs in the area of 450-470lbs. His skin is covered by dark indigo scales which gleam in the light as a deep sky blue around his frame, giving the young creature a surreal quality as he stalks though the door. The slitted eyes of the athletic looking beast flick about the room, twin lavender-and-crimson orbs which seem to house strange flames within.

On his streamlined arms, the creature houses large onyx coloured feathered wings, which could expand to an 18' wingspan if he so wished. As they are, though, they are like a feathered cape attatched to his wrists; totally relaxed and not seeming to be a part of his body at all. From the back of his black leather pants, a dark indigo-scaled tail that looks strikingly similar to that of a Black Dragon's weaves in the air, its full 9' length in constant motion. It would almost seem to move of its own accord, if not for the fact that the creature's movements reflect the tail's exactly in his slinking, fluid steps into the room.

On the young creatures head, there are two onyx horns in the style of a bison's which flow from the inky black, seemingly metallic long hair of the unique creature's head, and at the end of each finger are black claws 10" in length. The only clothing he wears are the inky black leather pants on his legs, the thick-soled black combat boots on his feet, and the fingerless black leather gauntlets on his hands, inlaid with large steel studs on the forearms and knuckles. The pure ease of his movement is astounding, for one of his size, though he does not weigh that much considering his height. His build is streamlined, athletic, seemingly built for pure speed.