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Openly Known Dracovamps

 Name:  Elathan Kaine
 ~Appearance: Form 1~
Height: 5'6"   
Weight: 170lbs   
Apparant Age: 20-25   
Claws: 1"  
Eyes: Deep Violet And Crimson 
Hair: 12"  Glossy Black  
Build: Lean / athletic / fit   
Fangs: 1"  
Skin: Deep Blue Flesh   
Sex: Male    
Race: Dracovamp(vampire)   
 ~Appearance: Form 2~

Height: 6'6"   
Weight: 360lbs (Including tail and wings)   
Apparant Age: 20-25   
Claws: 2"  
Eyes: Deep Violet And Crimson 
Hair: 12"   Glossy Black Metal Spikes 
Build: Athletic  
Fangs: 2"  
Skin: Deep Indigo Scales 
Sex: Male    
Race: Dracovamp(vampire/dragoon)
Horns: 19" Bison-styled
Tail: 9' Black Dragon-styled          
Wings: 9' Onyx Feathered on Arms, 18' wingspan         
~Breath Weapon(s)~

 ~Stats: Form 1~
Str: 16  
Dex: 19 
Con: 18 
Int:  14 
Wis: 14 
Cha: 19 
 ~Stats: Form 2~
Str: 17  
Dex: 27 
Con: 20 
Int: 10 
Wis: 12 
Cha: 09
~Natural Special Abilities~
Layton Lv. 400 Purple  (Cutting)
Safe haste
Cure (11/day)
Double Class Level (13Hours/day)
Onyx Inferno Dagger (3)   Dam:2d4-Drains hp=dam done  Size:S  SF: 3  Rof:1            Skilled
Inferno Telescoping Bo Staff   Dam: 3d4+2d4 fire  Size:L  SF:7  Rof:1  Highly skilled
Leather   ACAdj:-1/-3  Size:M  Type:Pants, Coat 
Marks of the Inferno - Midnight blue tattoos on the upper torso telling of Kaine's  service to the Inferno 
Gold Chain - Thin golden chain worn about neck
Gauntlets (2) - Black leather fingerless gloves w/steel accesories
Boots (2) - Black thick-soled combat boots
Crimson Amulet  - Connection to the 8th circle of Hell